Hydra Connect #2 is a sell-out!

We’re more than pleased to tell you that Hydra’s second Connect meeting, to be held in Cleveland 30 September – 3rd October, is a sell-out!  Not only have we sold all the tickets, we have a waiting list of people hoping we might manage to find a little more space.  We’re looking forward to seeing 160 faces, friends old and new, at Case Western Reserve University in three weeks.

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Sufia 4.0.0 released

From Adam Wead:

It gives me great pleasure to formally announce the release of the Hydra gem Sufa, version 4.0.  This release marks the culmination of 5 months’ work of collaborative development with the members of Penn State’s Services and Solutions team and Digital Curation Experts (DCE).

This new version includes a complete redesign of Sufia’s user interface, based on user feedback and design studies conducted with the staff and faculty at Penn State University.  Sufia’s features now include:

  • Multiple file, or folder, upload
  • Flexible user- and group-based access controls
  • Transcoding of audio and video files
  • Generation and validation of identifiers
  • Fixity checking
  • Version control
  • Characterization of uploaded files
  • Forms for batch editing metadata
  • Faceted search and browse
  • Social media interaction
  • User profiles
  • User dashboard for file management
  • Highlighted files on profile
  • Sharing w/ groups and users
  • User notifications
  • Activity streams
  • Background jobs
  • Single-use links
  • Google Analytics for usage statistics
  • Integration w/ cloud storage providers
  • Google Scholar-specific metadata embedding
  • Schema.org microdata, Open Graph meta tags, and Twitter cards for rich snippets
  • User-managed collections for grouping files
  • Full-text indexing & searching
  • Responsive, fluid, Bootstrap 3-based UI
  • Dynamically configurable featured works and researchers on homepage

Thanks to all involved for the work. The current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/hydra/Gems+and+documentation

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Hydra Connect #2 draft program now available – time is running out to book!

We are pleased to announce the draft program for Hydra Connect #2.  The meeting is being held at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, from Tuesday 30th September to Friday 3rd October, 2014.  The timetable is available from the Connect #2 information page on the Hydra wiki – https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/hydra/Hydra+Connect+2+-+Fall+2014 – where you can also find further details about the conference and about booking procedures.

Hydra Connect #2 is the major Hydra gathering planned for 2014/15. If you’re a Hydra Partner and can attend only one meeting in the 2014/2015 academic year, this should be it.  Adopters of Hydra, or those considering its adoption, who are not Partners are equally welcome to attend and, as you will see from the program, a significant number of the meeting sessions Tuesday to Thursday have been specifically tailored to their needs.

If you intend coming to this Hydra Connect meeting it is becoming urgent that you book soon!  Over half the tickets for the event have already been sold and the preferential hotel rate that we have negotiated ends on Thursday August 28th.

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Reminder: Expressions of Interest to Host OR2016 are Due by Aug. 24

Just a reminder (echoing an e-mail sent to email lists by the Open Repositories Steering Committee) that Expressions of Interest in hosting OR2016 are due by August 24th.  The EoI is a very straightforward email – full details at https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/or11/Call+for+Expressions+of+Interest+in+hosting+OR+2016

OR2014, held in Helsinki just a few weeks ago, was hugely successful and attracted nearly 500 delegates from all over the world.  Hosting OR is a good way of getting your institution noticed!!!  OR2015 will be in Indianapolis 8-11 June jointly organised by Indiana University,  the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Virginia Tech.

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Hydra gem 7.1.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.1.0 of the Hydra gem.

This release adds embargo and lease support via hydra-head, updates Blacklight to 5.5.x, and removes the dependency on mediashelf-loggable. The new gem set that Hydra 7.1 references is:

  • hydra-head v7.2.0
  • active-fedora v7.1.0
  • blacklight v5.5.1
  • rubydora v1.8.0
  • om v3.1.0
  • solrizer v3.3.0
  • jettywrapper v1.8.2

Thanks to all involved for the work. The current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/hydra/Gems+and+documentation

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Case Western Reserve University becomes Hydra’s 25th Partner!

We are delighted to announce that Case Western Reserve University has become the Hydra Project’s 25th formal Partner. The University, based in Cleveland, Ohio, has been a Fedora user since 2006 and is now adopting Hydra “for the redevelopment of [its] platform to accommodate a modern landscape of scholarship”. Arnold Hirshon, CWRU’s Associate Provost and University Librarian, writes “We look forward to continuing to demonstrate our commitment to the goals of the Hydra Project as a Partner, and look forward to working alongside and learning from existing and new Partners going forward.” We warmly welcome them to their bigger role in the Hydra Community.

Hydra’s Partners formally commit to a shared responsibility to promote the well-being and development of the Hydra Project. In addition to its 25 Partners Hydra has a considerable further number of adopters and, on the basis of conversations at the recent Open Repositories Conference in Helsinki, we believe that many more institutions are about to adopt it or are seriously considering using Hydra as part of their digital library provision.

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IMPORTANT change of Hydra email address

As of Sunday 13th July 2014 we shall be changing the name of the hydra-users mailing list to hydra-community@googlegroups.com.  The old hydra-users email address will cease to work. This change needs no action on your part unless you have an inbox rule looking for (say) “[hydra-users]” which will need changing to the new name.  User accounts and permissions will automatically carry forward to the renamed list. That said, you may wish to add the new hydra-community address to your contacts and/or safe senders lists.

This change is part of a strategy to allow new adopters of Hydra more involvement in the community.  Whilst the hydra-tech list does a good job of keeping developers in touch, the “managers” at adopting institutions which are not Hydra Partners are not so well served.  Once the open (as in “anyone may request to join”) hydra-community list is turned on we shall be encouraging non-technical discussions onto it in preference to the hydra-partners list.  The closed (Partner institutions only) hydra-partners list will be kept for such things as messages around security issues (prior to wider release) and for any Partner issues requiring a vote.

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Hydra Connect #2 announced – booking open

** Ahead of vacation time, please take note…**

We are delighted to announce that booking has opened for the second Hydra Connect meeting which will be held in Cleveland, Ohio this fall.  It will take place at Case Western Reserve University from Tuesday 30th September – Friday 3rd October 2014.  The booking site can be found at http://connect-cleveland2014.eventbrite.com

For folks who haven’t attended a Hydra meeting before, this is our annual opportunity to connect with other Hydra users, find out what Hydra is all about, and get involved; for established Hydranauts it is an opportunity to share experience with friends old and new, and to see what is going on across the Hydrasphere.  There will be plenty for new and prospective adopters of Hydra as well as for established users.

For full details, a preliminary schedule of events, and details for lodging options, please see the Hydra Connect event page on the Hydra wiki. Participants are resposible for their own travel and lodging arrangements. We have arranged a special event rate at the Courtyard Marriot adjacent to the university campus – see full detials on the event page.

As a Hydra Partner or user, if you can only make it to one Hydra meeting a this academic year, this is the one to attend!

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CALL for Expressions of Interest in Hosting the Annual Open Repositories Conference, 2016

*** Of interest to Hydranauts ***

The Open Repositories Steering Committee seeks Expressions of Interest from candidate host organizations for the 2016 Open Repositories Annual Conference. Proposals from all geographic areas will be given consideration.

Important dates

The Open Repositories Steering Committee is accepting Expressions of Interest to host the OR2016 conference until August 24th 2014. Shortlisted sites will be notified before the end of September 2014.


Candidate institutions must have the ability to host a four-day conference of approximately 300-500 attendees (OR2014 held recently in Helsinki, Finland drew more than 450 people). This includes appropriate access to conference facilities, lodging, and transportation, as well as the ability to manage a range of supporting services (food services, internet services, and conference social events; conference web site; management of registration and online payments; etc.). The candidate institutions and their local arrangements committee must have the means to support the costs of producing the conference through attendee registration and independent fundraising. Fuller guidance is provided in the Open Repositories Conference Handbook on the Open Repositories wiki.

Expressions of Interest Guidelines

Organisations interested in proposing to host the OR2016 conference should follow the steps listed below:

1. Expressions of Interest (EoIs) must be received by August 24th, 2014. Please direct these EoIs and any enquiries to OR Steering Committee Chair Carol Minton Morris <cmmorris@duraspace.org>.

2.  As noted above, the Open Repositories wiki has a set of pages at Open Repositories Conference Handbook which offer guidelines for organizing an Open Repositories conference. Candidate institutions should pay particular attention to the pages listed at “Preparing a bid” before submitting an EoI.

3.  The EoI must include:

• the name of the institution (or institutions in the case of a joint bid)

• an email address as a first point of contact

• the proposed location for the conference venue with a brief paragraph describing the local amenities that would be available to delegates, including its proximity to a reasonably well-served airport

4. The OR Steering Committee will review proposals and may seek advice from additional reviewers.  Following the review, one or more institutions will be invited to submit a detailed proposal.

5.  Invitations to submit a detailed proposal will be issued before the end of September 2014; institutions whose interest will not be taken up will also be notified at that time. The invitations sent out will provide a timeline for submitting a formal proposal and details of additional information available to the shortlisted sites for help in the preparation of their bid. The OR Steering Committee will be happy to answer specific queries whilst proposals are being prepared.

About Open Repositories

Since 2006 Open Repositories has hosted an annual conference that brings together users and developers of open digital repository platforms. For further information about Open Repositories and links to past conference sites, please visit the OR home page: http://sites.tdl.org/openrepositories/.

Subscribe to announcements about Open Repositories conferences by joining the OR Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/open-repositories.

Please feel free to reflect this call for Expressions of Interest out through your communities.

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Hydra-head 7.1.0 released

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Hydra-head gem – 7.1.0.

Essentially this release adds embargo and lease support.  Details of the change are documented at  https://github.com/projecthydra/hydra-head/wiki/Embargos-and-Leases and the release notes can be found at https://github.com/projecthydra/hydra-head/releases/tag/v7.1.0

Thanks to all involved for the work. The current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/hydra/Gems+and+documentation

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