ActiveFedora 9.4.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of ActiveFedora 9.4.0.

This release adds hash URIs for sub resources, stops using InboundRelationConnection for speed, and refactors some existing code.

Release notes can be found here:

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Michigan becomes the latest Hydra Partner

We are delighted to announce that the University of Michigan has become the latest formal Hydra Partner.  Maurice York, their Associate University Librarian for Library Information Technology, writes:

“The strength, vibrancy and richness of the Hydra community is compelling to us.  We are motivated by partnership and collaboration with this community, more than simply use of the technology and tools. The interest in and commitment to the community is organization-wide; last fall we sent over twenty participants to Hydra Connect from across five technology and service divisions; our showing this year will be equally strong, our enthusiasm tempered only by the registration limits.”

Welcome Michigan!  We look forward to a long collaboration with you.

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Only 15 tickets left for Hydra Connect 2015

Four weeks to go!  Yes, Hydra Connect 2015 is just four weeks away.  The Connect 2015 wiki page has full details of the program and other aspects of the event. As I write this there are only 15 tickets left so, if you haven’t booked already, you really ought to do so very soon!  All our discounted hotel rooms are sold out, but apparently the discount travel sites can still find you a good deal.

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Sufia 6.3.0 released

We are pleased to announce a new gem release.

The 6.3.0 version of Sufia includes a new widget in the administrative statistics page allowing users to display the number of deposits for a date range that they select [1] and adds a content block to the homepage where administrative users may post site-wide announcements (such as for system downtime or new features) [2]. It pulls in the latest version of ActiveFedora::Noid which handles minting and validation of short, opaque identifiers for Fedora objects [3]. It also contains the following highlighted fixes and enhancements:

* Numerous UI improvements related to layout, accessibility, and mobile displays [4][5][6][7][8][9]

* Single-use links should work when Turbolinks is on [10]

* Unregistered users should have the ability to see file citations [11]

* Remove hard-coded headers from About page [12]

* Allow downstream users to extend and override the administrative statistics module [13]

See the release notes [14] for the upgrade process (NOTE: requires running a new rake task!) and for an exhaustive list of the work that has gone into this release. Thanks to the 12 contributors for this release, which comprised 51 commits touching 342 files: Carolyn Cole, Drew Myers, Trey Terrell, Michael Tribone, Lynette Rayle, Dan Kerchner, Justin Coyne, Colin Gross, Hector Correa, Adam Wead, and Olli Lyytinen.















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Hydra Connect 2015 – important updates

This post contains a number of important reminders and updates from the Hydra Connect 2015 organizers.  Please read it carefully!


At the time of writing, accounting for some tickets set aside for speakers who have still to register, there are only about 40 tickets left for the event.  Our limit of 200 tickets is not extensible, so if you intend coming and you have not yet registered you need to do so very soon – it looks as though we shall sell out.  This year we require registration for any workshops that you hope to attend and so, once registered for the conference, you need to do that too.  All the details at .  The page now has full details and timetables for all the ‘formal’ conference sessions.

Poster Show and Tell

We hope that all institutions with staff coming to Hydra Connect will contribute to the popular Poster Show and Tell session on the Tuesday afternoon.  There is a list of institutions at – please sign up if you haven’t already done so.  The page also has details of local printing arrangements, should you wish to take advantage of them.  We have managed to secure a much cheaper deal than we first anticipated ($26 or $38 depending on size and including delivery to the conference venue).

Lightning talks

The Program Committee has left space on the Wednesday morning for up to 16 lightning talks of no more than five minutes each.  If you’d like to take one of these slots to share some ideas/concerns/rants/raves or whatever, please sign up at .

Unconference sessions

Wednesday afternoon and Thursday are given over to ‘unconference sessions’.  These could include presentations (on technical topics, planning and management, professional development, work life balance, or anything else), panel discussions, hackfests, or meetups (it would be a good time for Interest and Working Groups to meet face-to-face).  This year we have a piece of software called Sessionizer which allows people to propose sessions and/or express interest in attending other people’s sessions and which will ultimately produce a timetable to ensure that the most people can attend the greatest possible number of sessions that they have expressed interest in.  Please feel free to register and to propose sessions at .  Please also keep an eye on the page and register for things that you find interesting.  The system will remain open until the Tuesday of the conference at which time we need to do the timetabling.

Social events

Apologies that there was a little bit of confusion on the EventBrite site until recently:  the optional conference dinner is on Tuesday 22nd September. (EventBrite had Wednesday in at least one place.)  We shall soon produce some sign-up lists for attendees to create informal dinner groups on the Monday and Wednesday evenings.  These are a good way to find some amenable company for an evening – especially if you are new to the Hydra Community and don’t yet know many others.

We hope to see you in less than six weeks!

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Coming to Hydra Connect 2015? We need a poster from you!

If you’re coming to Hydra Connect 2015, please read on carefully.  Planning to come but not booked yet?  Tickets are selling steadily and we have a limit of 200 places – don’t leave your booking too late!  Full details at Hydra Connect 2015 including lists of the workshops, plenary and parallel track sessions.  Taking account of people who have agreed to speak but have not yet registered, almost half the tickets have gone.

We are devoting more than two hours of Hydra Connect 2015 to a “poster show and tell” slot.  At previous Connects this proved to be a highly successful session and we were urged to repeat it.  The event is an “open room format”:  each contributor is given a poster display space and table around the outside of a large room.  Attendees are encouraged to circulate and to discuss the work represented in each poster with the author(s).  We encourage authors to time-share with a colleague where possible so that everyone gets the chance to circulate.

We are asking all institutions represented at Hydra Connect to create a poster (or more) about any significant Hydra-related work they are doing (or planning) and to arrive in Minneapolis prepared to talk about it in the poster show and tell.  We know how awkward it can be to bring posters on a plane so we are making arrangements for you to email it for printing locally.

Posters should be sent either in PowerPoint or PDF format. They should be at either half scale or full scale to prevent issues with images when scaling. The maximum size is 24″ x 36″ (tall or wide) or 36″ x 48″ (wide only).  Anything smaller that that can be printed.  Costs for printing and foam mounting these sizes are approximately $90 and $135 respectively.  We will send details explaining how to use this local service in due course; in the meantime, please get designing!

Peter Binkley, Matt Critchlow, Karen Estlund, Erin Fahy, Anna Headley (Program Committee)

Mark Bussey (Conference host)

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Hydra-jetty 8.4.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Hydra-jetty 8.4.0 which bumps the Fedora to 4.2.0.  Fedora 4.2.0 requires Java 8.

The move to Java 8 may cause some initial gremlins and you may wish to consult the thread under “Hydra-jetty 8.4.0” on the hydra-tech mailing list for a number of tips.

Thanks to Justin Coyne for the work.

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New releases: Sufia 6.2.0, Active Fedora 9.2.0 and HydraHead 9.2.0

We are pleased to announce some new gem releases:

Sufia 6.2.0 

The 6.2.0 version of Sufia includes two new features [1][2] on the administrative statistics page, allowing users to display a list of new user accounts and and list of deposited files based on a specified date range.

There have also been a handful of bug fixes, including:

* Fixing the autocomplete dropdown that queries Geonames [3]

* Restricting the display of collections in the “My” controller to those users can edit (not all collections they can view)

* Disabling display of the Zotero user ID if this integration has not been enabled [4]

See the release notes [5] for the upgrade process and for an exhaustive list of the work that has gone into this release. Thanks to the 5 contributors for this release, which comprised 17 commits touching 27 files: Adam Wead, Olli Lyytinen, Justin Coyne, Michael J. Giarlo, and Carolyn Cole.


ActiveFedora 9.2.0 and HydraHead 9.2.0

The upgrade to 9.2.0 is strongly encouraged as it fixes a bug where a user may retain access to a resource after the access has been revoked.
Release notes are here:

Thanks again to all concerned.

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Sufia 6.1 released

We are pleased to announce that Sufia 6.1 has been released released.  A set of release notes can be found here (

If you are currently using Sufia 6.0 we would recommend upgrading to Sufia 6.1 as soon as possible.  Beyond the additional features in the release a number of bugs were fixed.

Thanks to the 16 contributors for this release, which comprised 139 commits touching 187 files: Adam Wead, Michael Tribone, Gregorio Luis Ramirez, Justin Coyne, Nathan Rogers, Michael J. Giarlo, Carolyn Cole, Trey Terrell, Colin Brittle, Anna Headley, Hector Correa, E. Lynette Rayle, Chris Beer, Jeremy Friesen, Colin Gross, and Tricia Jenkins.

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Open Repositories 2017

Of potential interest to Hydranauts

Call for Expressions of Interest in hosting the annual Open Repositories Conference, 2017

The Open Repositories Steering Committee seeks Expressions of Interest from candidate host organizations for the 2017 Open Repositories Annual Conference. Proposals from all geographic areas will be given consideration.

Important dates

The Open Repositories Steering Committee is accepting Expressions of Interest (EoI) to host the OR2017 conference until August 31st, 2015.  Shortlisted sites will be notified by the end of September 2015.


Candidate institutions must have the ability to host at least a four-day conference of approximately 300-500 attendees (OR2015 held in Indianapolis, USA drew more than 400 people). This includes appropriate access to conference facilities, lodging, and transportation, as well as the ability to manage a range of supporting services (food services, internet services, and conference social events; conference web site; management of registration and online payments; etc.). The candidate institutions and their local arrangements committee must have the means to support the costs of producing the conference through attendee registration and independent fundraising. Fuller guidance is provided in the Open Repositories Conference Handbook on the Open Repositories wiki.

Expressions of Interest Guidelines

Organisations interested in proposing to host the OR2017 conference should follow the steps listed below:

  1. Expressions of Interest (EoIs) must be received by August 31st, 2015. Please direct these EoIs and any enquiries to OR Steering Committee Chair William Nixon <>.
  1. As noted above, the Open Repositories wiki has a set of pages at Open Repositories Conference Handbook ( which offer guidelines for organising an Open Repositories conference. Candidate institutions should pay particular attention to the pages listed at “Preparing a bid” before submitting an EoI.
  1. The EoI must include:

* the name of the institution (or institutions in the case of a joint bid)

* an email address as a first point of contact

* the proposed location for the conference venue with a brief paragraph describing the local amenities that would be available to delegates, including its proximity to a reasonably well-served airport

  1. The OR Steering Committee will review proposals and may seek advice from additional reviewers. Following the review, one or more institutions will be invited to submit a detailed proposal.
  1. Invitations to submit a detailed proposal will be issued by the end of September 2015; institutions whose interest will not be taken up will also be notified at that time. The invitations sent out will provide a timeline for submitting a formal proposal and details of additional information available to the shortlisted sites for help in the preparation of their bid.  The OR Steering Committee will be happy to answer specific queries whilst proposals are being prepared.

About Open Repositories

Since 2006 Open Repositories has hosted an annual conference that brings together users and developers of open digital repository platforms. For further information about Open Repositories and links to past conference sites, please visit the OR home page:

Subscribe to announcements about Open Repositories conferences by joining the OR Google Group

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