Active Fedora 5.0.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Active Fedora 5.0.0

Features include:

  • Depend on solrizer 2.0.0 (for HYDRA-827 DO NOT index terms by default)
  • Lazily initialize solr, so that the message goes into the log, not the console
  • Depend on om 1.8.0
  • Require Ruby >= 1.9.3
  • Support for ISO 8601 date formats
  • New before_delete callback available on ActiveFedora objects
  • HYDRA-883: RDFDatastreams should handle Literals as object values
  • Zero argument constructors for datastreams
  • Deprecated in this version:
    • FileManagment
    • named relationships
  • Removed in this version:
    • ruby-fedora
    • MetadataDatastream
    • methods: .field, .add, .to_xml, .file_streams, .new_object=
    • rcov dependency

Thanks to Adam Wead (the release manager), Justin Coyne, Mike Giarlo, Jeremy Friesen, Thomas Johnson, and Michael Klein.

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