ActiveFedora 5.1.0 / 5.2.0 released

Following the “developers’ congress” held at UCSD last week, we are pleased to release ActiveFedora 5.1.0 which includes:

  • Moving Fedora and Solr configuration generators from hydra-head into ActiveFedora
  • Relations cleanup
  • Always index ActiveFedora objects whenever it is saved (previously, Solrizer would only index objects if a metadata datastream changed)
  • Refactor NokogiriDatastream to try to make serialization behave consistently.
  • Improve autocreate semantics (and make autocreate opt-in to match previous apparent behavior). If you specify :autocreate => true on a has_model or has_file_datastream call, the datastream will always be created when you save the object. Otherwise, it will only be created if you modify the datastream in some way (add content, etc).

Thanks to the (too many to mention!) contributors.

Subsequent to this initial post the code has been slightly restructured and re-released as version 5.2.0

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