Blacklight 4.0.0 released

The Blacklight community have recently released Blacklight 4.0.0 upon which Hydra Head 5.0 will depend.  Major highlights include:

  • Use the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework
  • Replace RSolr-Ext with Blacklight::SolrResponse, giving us more flexibility to add Solr features (e.g. pivot facets, which are included in this release)
  • Update blacklight-jetty to Solr 4.0 (although we expect Blacklight will continue to work with Solr 3.x and Solr 1.4)

As of Blacklight 4.0, they’re officially supporting:

  •   Ruby 1.9
  •   JRuby 1.7
  •   (and, speculatively, Ruby 2.0)

Blacklight have dropped support for Ruby 1.8 in order to take advantage of some features in Ruby 1.9 that help make the code cleaner. They’ve also dropped support for Rails 3.1

See the full release notes (and upgrade guide) here:

Thanks from both communities to everyone who contributed code, thoughts and ideas to this major release, but particularly to Simon Lamb, James Stuart and Justin Coyne.

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