Solrizer 2.0.0 released

Hydra has released Solrizer 2.0.0 which includes the following features:

  • Dropped support for ruby 1.8.
  • HYDRA-827 DO NOT index terms by default
  • HYDRA-863 Null pointer exception fixed.
  • BUG: Replaced data_type method with type which was causing the :type option in OM terms not to work. This makes certain tests not pass under Ruby 1.8.7, specifically when using :type option with a proxied term in OM.
  • BUG: Fixed TerminologyBasedSolrizer#solrize_node instance method to call class method correctly, and changed #solrize_term to call instance method #solrize_node so that it can be overridden by subclasses
  • Test fixes such as properly testing solr field suffixes when using the :type option in OM as well as using correct ISO.8601 dates in our fixtures
  • HYDRA-876 When solrizing OM documents, term_values is called instead of find_by_terms which ensures data types are deserialized correctly. Dates are also converted to ISO 8601 format, both when intgrating with OM or when using solrized independently.

Thanks to Justin Coyne and Matt Zumwalt.

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