Active Fedora 5.5.0 and Solrizer 2.1.0 released

We are pleased to announce new releases of the Active Fedora and Solrizer gems.

Active Fedora 5.5.0 changes:

  • Added support for complex rdf structures.
  • Changed RdfDatastream to_solr so that it uses the dsid as the solr prefix, not the datastream class name

Upgrade note: If you are using RDF datastreams (besides RELS-EXT), perform a full reindex after upgrading.

Solrizer 2.1.0 changes:

  • #11 There should only be one instance of the field mapper. It’s now at Solrizer.default_field_mapper
  • Extract create_and_insert_terms into Solrizer::Common.  This can be used for RDF datastreams
  • Raise helpful error message if date can’t be parsed.
  • Don’t add searchable terms (*_t) by default when another kind of index field is added (continuation of HYDRA-827)

Upgrade note: Delete your config/solr_mappings.yml file, unless you have customized it. Its presence disables Solrizer::FieldMapper::Default

The current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through


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