Data Curation Experts partner Hydra

It used to be said of London buses that you could wait for one for ages and then two would come along at once.  This week sees two new Hydra partnersips – the Royal Library of Denmark and…

We are delighted to announce that Data Curation Experts LLC (DCE) has become the 14th Hydra partner.

DCE is a successor organisation to MediaShelf, one of Hydra’s earliest members.  In their letter of intent, DCE say:

“We intend to carry forward the best qualities of MediaShelf including the knowledge and experience built during their long involvement in the Hydra Community. We hope to meld that experience with a more open and cooperative organizational structure modeled in part on the structure of the Hydra Community itself. In addition to providing the software development, support, and training services previously offered by MediaShelf, we aim to provide a means for community members to share more broadly their knowledge and expertise in consulting, design, and development contexts. Founding DCE members’ Matt Zumwalt and Eddie Shin have had long and well-known involvement in the Hydra and Fedora communities. DCE looks forward to continuing Matt and Eddie’s legacy of helping these communities evolve and grow.”

Hydra likewise looks forward to continuing its relationship with this team who have contributed so much in the past.

But wait, is that another bus coming?

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