Boston Public Library becomes the 16th Hydra partner

We are delighted to announce that Boston Public Library has become our 16th Hydra Project partner.  BPL is our first library partner and our first metropolitan member.

In BPL’s letter of intent, David Leonard (Director of Administration and Technology) writes:

“As the oldest public library system in the country, the BPL holds a vast wealth of culturally significant materials in its collections, which we have been digitizing for many years. Until recently, a unified solution to describing and providing access to the tens of thousands of digital objects in our collection has proven elusive. We are currently in the process of creating a repository for the management and preservation of these digital objects based upon Hydra, Blacklight and Fedora.

“We look forward to collaborating with everyone else involved in the Hydra Project and to a productive partnership.”

We in Hydra likewise look forward with great anticipation to working with them.

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