Rubydora updates 1.4.x

Recently there have been a number of updates to Rubydora which now bring the version number to 1.4.2.  These are:

  • Remove content_will_change! declaration. Simplify to always use content_changed? method. (1.3.0)
  • Don’t load datastream content just to see if it has changed (1.3.0)
  • Added benchmarking to the datastream_dissemination methods (1.3.0)
  • Datastream#external?, Datastream#managed?, Datastream#redirect? and Datastream#inline? (1.4.0)
  • Don’t load an inline datastream just to check for changes (1.4.1)
  • has_many associations should not restrict to class_name when the class_name is ActiveFedora::Base (1.4.2)

The current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through

Thanks, as always, to the team.

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