New releases of Hydra-head, Active-Fedora and OM

We are pleased to announce new releases of our Hydra-head, Active-Fedora and OM (Opinionated Metadata) gems:

Hydra-head 6.1.0

  • Fixed Solr 4 compatibility issue in construction of policy clauses in Hydra::PolicyAwareAccessControlsEnforcement.
  • Removed references to dictionaries that are not in the default solrconfig. Config templates are now in active-fedora.
  • hydra-access-controls requires blacklight.
  • Upgrade guide removed — see wiki for upgrade notes.
  • Added .yardopts so that generates correct API documentation.
  • active-fedora upgraded to 6.1.

Active-Fedora 6.1.0

  • Give a list of classes that decend from ActiveFedora::Base
  • ActiveFedora::Base.exists?(nil) now returns false. Fixes #56
  • Removed extraneous solr configs.
  • Deprecated get_values_from_datastream. Fixes #52
  • Added ActiveFedora::Base.decendants
  • Added some sensible defaults to the solrconfig. Removed comments about old fields.
  • active_fedora_model solr field corrected to be single-valued.
  • Fixed fields for solrconfig permissions.
  • Deprecated Attributes#update_datastream_attributes.
  • Delegate registry works with descendants of ActiveFedora::Base, not just direct subclasses. Fixes #59
  • New ActiveFedora::Auditable mixin – provides access to Fedora audit trail.
  • Fixed has and belongs to many, so it calls remove_relationship on the right object.
  • Added jetty.yml to solr generator to overwrite the Blacklight jetty.yml.
  • Upgrade to om 2.1.0.

OM 2.1.0

  • support for element names with periods in them
  • support for time datatype (‘type: :time’)

Thanks as always to our developers.

The current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through

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