Active Fedora 6.3.0, HydraHead 6.2.2, Sufia 2.0.1 released

We are pleased to announce three recent releases of updated Hydra gems:

Active Fedora 6.3.0

  • Added method: ActiveFedora::Base#required?
  •  Removed redundant MacroReflection#klass method definition. Removed some excessive whitespace.
  •  Updated doc comment for .count to reflect change made in commit 1cd412a817f5d7b5c2f2cbc304b915b7423c499d.
  •  Adding CONTRIBUTORS and mailmap
  •  Test against rails 4.0.0.rc2
  •  Backwards compatible change adding optional `args’ param to ActiveFedora::SolrService.count, enabling the method to pass args through to ActiveFedora::SolrService.query.
  •  habtm#delete saves between the before and after hook
  •  Added association delete callbacks
  •  Fix nested_attributes handling
  •  Startup wait in one spot
  •  Remove unnecessary environment task
  •  try to use a createdDate accessor on @inner_object if it is available
  •  use our test namespace rather than minting a new one in base_spec
  •  remove checks for fedora default values
  •  remove unnecessary test
  •  add support for rubydora’s #uri method (for fcrepo4 compatbility)
  •  wrap property accessors in multi -> single valued wrappers
  •  Closes #84
  •  Modify or remove tests that check for DC datastreams; deprecate Datastreams#dc in favor of Datastreams#datastreams[“DC”]
  •  Using Rubydora’s mint for assign_pid
  •  fix #87 – use solr’s !raw and sub-query feature to handle solr query escaping
  •  Reworking datastream id spec to be order agnostic
  •  fix #87 – use solr _query_ to encapsulate solr queries for escaping
  •  Fix validations unit test to pass legitimately

Hydra Head 6.2.2

  • Removed commented out line that was changed in commit bd53011b3f1fd2f20703b703db67385e100e67d6
  • Adding
  • Patched Hydra::PolicyAwareAccessControlsEnforcement to properly handle anonymous users by amending #policies_with_access (previously returned empty list when current_user is nil) and #apply_policy_individual_permissions
  • Change the version of hydra-head in the readme
  • Updating hydra generator for rspec
  • Removing trailing whitespace from generators
  • Update
  • Rights metadata should only update the user you tell it to update.

Sufia 2.0.1

  • Dropbox support
  • Multiple layouts
  • UnzipJob can handle directories
  • Support for sufia and hydra-editor in the same app
  • Subdividing the upload partial
  • Lots of code cleanup

Many thanks to all the various contributors for these upgrades (too many to list here, but individually acknowledged in the github histories).

The current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through

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