Hydra winter meeting

We have been invited to hold our winter Hydra Partners’ Meeting in Portland, Oregon but the conference centre is very heavily booked. We have set up a Doodle poll to establish what dates in December or January would be acceptable to Hydra folks so that we can compare them with actual availability. Bear in mind that Thanksgiving is quite late this year (November 28th) and that the CNI conference is on December 9/10th. Please fill in dates when, in principle, you would be available and indicate (beside your name) how many people at your institution might attend.  If we can’t make a booking in Portland work for us we will look further afield.

A link to the poll can be found on all the normal Hydra mailing lists.  Please complete it as soon as possible and not later than Wednesday 7th August.

This meeting will be the first Worldwide Hydra Users Meeting. It will be a chance for all Hydra Project participants to gather in one place at one time, with an emphasis on sync’ing efforts, technical development, plans, and community links. As the community expands, it is becoming clear that not every Partner will make every meeting, but there is value in ensuring cross-connections across the community, and we’d be well served to have at least one meeting where everyone shows up. Put another way, if a Partner could attend only one meeting out of the year, this would be it. The structure and exact agenda are still to be defined, but it was envisioned to include…

  • demonstrations & lightning talks
  • introductions & matchmaking
  • (lots of) unstructured times / open room format (à la posters) for…
    • coordinated development
    • taking action on the strategic plan items
    • doc updates
    • investigating patterns
  • developing and delivering training
    • tutorials
    • training
    • train the trainers

If space allows we hope to open this meeting to include Hydra users who are not formally signed up as partners.

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