The Hydra gem

Hydra is pleased to announce the availability of the “Hydra” gem.

Until now, one of the challenges of building a functioning Hydra stack has been knowing which versions of the various gems involved work together successfully.  The Hydra gem provides this assurance.  Instead of needing to identify and then list all the various gems in your Gemfile, instead add:

gem 'hydra', require: 'hydra6'

This will cause a complete, basic set of currently supported, compatible gem versions to be installed for you together with their dependencies.

Versioning for the Hydra gem has deliberately been started at 6.0.0 to match the current major release of the HydraHead gem which it references.  It is the intention of the Hydra team that when the time comes for a Hydra v7 gem (for a new HydraHead 7.x.x set of dependencies)  it will come with a documented and tested upgrade procedure from the Hydra v6 created gem set, thus helping to alleviate the task of carrying out an upgrade.

Many thanks to the developers who eventually got this working; those of us on the sidelines know that this turned out not to be the easiest of jobs!

The current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through

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