New ActiveFedora and Hydra-Head releases

Wouldn’t you know it?  As soon as your scribe goes on vacation, a flurry of gem updates!  Apologies that this notification is a little after the fact.

These releases will make up the bulk of the upcoming release of the hydra gem (6.1).  They are the last planned feature releases of the version 6 line, so they contain a number of deprecations which will assist you in upgrading to version 7.

These releases have been brought to you by Duke (David Chandek-Stark), Notre Dame (Jeremy Friesen), Northwestern University (Michael B. Klein), Penn State (Carolyn Cole), The Boston Public Library (Steven Anderson), Indiana University (Chris Colvard), and Data Curation Experts (Justin Coyne).


ActiveFedora 6.6.0

  • Add _destroy method for building nested forms
  • Removed the pid placeholder `__DO_NOT_USE__`
  • Allow relationships to accept instances of RDF::URI as their predicates
  • Remove internal deprecation
  • Gracefully handle an ObjectNotFound in find_all
  • Revert “Removed unused code that breaks certain use cases (Fixes #234).”
  • Removed unset opts parameter from call to reify_solr_results, introduced in PR #236.
  • Removed unused code that breaks certain use cases (Fixes #234).
  • Fix deprecation warning when using the ids setter of a has_many collection relationship that has class_name set to ‘ActiveFedora::Base
  • Fix deprecation warning when loading a has_many association
  • Explicitly set cast to false on reload to avoid deprecation warnings
  • Cast relationship results if class is ActiveFedora::Base
  • Adding a loop for getting more than solr_page_size (default 200) results in an has and belongs to many association
  • Fixed syntax error on hash
  • Set cast parameter to avoid a deprecation warning
  • Only deprecate the cast parameter to find when on ActiveFedora::Base
  • Deprecate .find’s cast default option
  • Remove outdated fixture loading line from README.
  • Support for extended cmodels (read-only)
  • Fix tense on deprecation warning
  • Fix tense on deprecation warning
  • Deprecated find(:all), find(:first), find(:last)
  • Prevent infinite loop when Fedora and Solr are out of sync (fixes #199)

Hydra-Head 6.4.0

  • Patch Hydra::AccessControlsEnforcement#escape_filter to support group/role names containing colons.
  • Fixed Solr field name
  • Amended Hydra::User#groups to pass self to RoleMapper.roles in order to avoid redundant user lookup. Fixes #111.
  • Moved controller mixins into concerns
  • Added #permissions= as deprecated to maintain backward compatibility of Hydra::AdminPolicy with hydra-head < 6.4. (In hydra-head < 6.4
  •   Hydra::AdminPolicy included Hydra::ModelMixins::RightsMetadata, which provided#permissions=.)
  • Removed deprecated modules from ModsAsset
  • Removed RedCloth dependency
  • Some of the delegated methods weren’t pointing at their intended target
  • Pin to active-fedora ~> 6.6 and refactor usage of delegate to avoid deprecation warnings
  • Hydra::PolicyAwareAbility#policy_pid_for modified to handle multiple objects having different policies (Fixes #101). Implemented pending
  •   tests for Hydra::PolicyAwareAbility#test_read_from_policy and #test_read_from_policy.
  • Deprecate Hydra::ModelMixins::SolrDocumentExtension
  • Deprecate Hydra::ModelMixins::CommonMetadata [
  • Remove duplicate code
  • Remove lib/hydra.rb so that the hydra gem can load normally
  • Substituted double for the now deprecated mock() and stub()
  • Adds #asset_param_key method to DownloadBehavior to support overriding the default params key (:id) for the asset PID.
  • Added the derived property visibility, from sufia
  • Added nested attributes for permissions
  • PolicyAwareAbility should include Ability so you don’t have to
  • All policies should be applied to gated discovery when more than 10  are applicable
  • Deprecated Hydra::ModelMixins::RightsMetadata

ActiveFedora 6.7.0

Even though we said ActiveFedora 6.6.0 would be the last minor release of the 6.x line, we uncovered an issue with the ‘delegate’ and ‘delegate_to’ methods.  Thus, we have changed these methods to both be covered by a new method named “has_attributes”.  You shouldn’t need to make any changes to upgrade to ActiveFedora 6.7.0, but you may see more deprecation warnings that you will want to fix before upgrading to ActiveFedora 7.

Additionally there is a patch for an issue when changes were being tracked against methods that were not metadata attributes.

We’ve also added a patch to prevent the rake tasks from loading twice.

As ever, the current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through

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