Rubydora 1.7.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of an updated gem – Rubydora 1.7.1.

Changes since Rubydora 1.7.0:


  • Refactored file content type discernment from add_datastream and modify_datastream into private method.
  • Added better support for Rails uploaded files by calling :content_type on file if available.
  • Added constant for default content type.
  • Removed Ruby 1.8.7 workaround.
  • Added tests!
  • Fixes #61.

Rubydora::Datastream#has_content? returns true if controlGroup is ‘M’ and dsLocation is present.

Added Rubydora::Datastream#empty?

Updating jettywrapper to >= 1.4.0.  Closes #55

Batch fetching profiles in Fedora 3.6+

Thanks to David Chandek-Stark, Jeremy Friesen and Benjamin Armintor for the work on it.

The current versions of all Hydra gems can be accessed through

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