About Hydra

Hydra is not just a repository software solution.  Rather, we see it as having three complementary components:

    • there is a vibrant, highly active community supporting the work of the project which shares an  underlying philosophy behind all that it does
    • there are design (and other) principles involved in constructing a successful Hydra “head” for use with compatible digital objects, and of course,
    • there are the software components, the Ruby gems, that the Hydra community has constructed which are combined together to provide a local installation

Each of these is of great importance to the project and each has its own set of pages accessible from the menu bar above.

Hydra maintains three points of presence on the web with information for various audiences:

    • this site, which is essentially the public brochure for Hydra
    • the Hydra wiki, which holds  more detailed information about Hydra:  its community, its meetings and events, and its technologies; and
    • a GitHub site which provides the code, documentation and detailed information aimed at developers