Collaborative projects

Hydra Partners have a number of collaborative projects taking place either between themselves or with other non-Hydra organisations:

Avalon Media System

The Avalon Media System Project includes Indiana, Northwestern, and Virginia Universities, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and WGBH amongst its partners.

From the Avalon website:  The Avalon Media System is an open source system for managing and providing access to large collections of digital audio and video. The freely available system enables libraries and archives to easily curate, distribute and provide online access to their collections for purposes of teaching, learning and research. The Avalon community is made up of a dozen educational, media and open-technology institutions. The project is led by the libraries of Indiana University and Northwestern University and is funded in part by a three-year National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

previously known as the “Shared IR Project”.

The Hydramata project involves several “Hydra universities”:  Indiana, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Penn State, Cincinnati and Virginia.

From the Hydramata wiki: As the academic and research communities continue to rise to the challenge of providing durable digital access to research and scholarship, the Institutional Repository (IR) and its affiliated services are an increasingly critical core service within institutions of higher education. The Hydramata project will envision and develop a solution supporting next generation IR needs with emphasis on flexibility and responsiveness to emerging needs. Of particular priority will be the ability to accept and manage highly complex objects, research data, and to support and implement other requirements emerging from the SHared Access to Research Ecosystem (SHARE) initiative.

Hydra ORCID Plug-in

Led by the University of Notre Dame, this project also has pledges of support from Hull, Northwestern and Stanford Universities, plus the Royal Library of Denmark.

From the wiki:  The Hydra ORCID Integrator Plug-in can be re-used by any Project Hydra institution implementing the Hydra stack/ Fedora Commons to integrate their Institutional Repository (IR) with ORCID. The prototype plugin will be open-source code shared during the first months of the project on github and employed within CurateND, the University of Notre Dame’s institutional repository which is a project Hydra implementation. The proposed project to create an ORCID integrator will benefit all Project Hydra members seeking to implement ORCID iDs within their repositories and will be facilitated by a Project Hydra code sharing event planned midway through the funded effort to ensure successful uptake by multiple institutions.

Zotero-Hydra Integration

This project is a collaboration between George Mason University (Zotero) and Penn State University (Hydra) funded by the Mellon Foundation.

This project will customize Zotero and create a linkage between Zotero and Hydra-based repositories.  It will add functionality to the Zotero client software to allow users to assert authorship over their own scholarship and to indicate whether they hold the copyright to such materials. It will also develop a pluggable backend for Zotero that will allow any repository to draw such content from the Zotero ecosystem. The first implementation will involve linking Penn State’s IR, ScholarSphere, a Fedora repository built on a Hydra-based platform.  The results of this collaboration will provide open-source code for others in the Hydra community and an open API for adopters of other repository software (e.g., DSpace, Islandora, EPrints) to link institutional and subject repositories to Zotero.