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A D White Library at Cornell University (c) Cornell University

A D White Library at Cornell University
(c) Cornell University

Cornell University Library’s rich collections, expert librarians, responsive services, and welcoming spaces inspire and nourish scholarship and learning throughout the university. Its world-class collection—8 million print volumes, a million e-books and 5 million journal article downloads per year—covers incredibly diverse fields, such as hip-hop and punk, East and Southeast Asia, labor, agriculture, hospitality and Liberian law. As we seek to make all these collections available in digital form, we see the Hydra Project as an essential partner to help us work toward that goal.

Our library has a long history of commitment to collaborative approaches for meeting the needs of research libraries, as well as to openly sharing the results of our work.  We believe that collaborating with the Hydra Project and Community will be critical to achieving our strategic goal of standardizing and simplifying our digital repositories and workflows.  Through our own work on the open source VIVO project and with its open community, we are already very familiar with the benefits of working collaboratively to develop software tools in support of research, scholarship, and the creative arts. Finally, given that Cornell is the original home of Fedora, a key component of the Hydra Framework, we feel a particular affinity for the Hydra Project, its approaches, and its goals.



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