Data Curation Experts

DCEData Curation Experts’ founding partners, Eddie Shin and Matt Zumwalt, helped launch DCE as a way to continue their work begun with MediaShelf, but expanded to meet the growing need for digital curation expertise and online repository management support.  DCE is a global network of developers, archivists, designers, implementers, and others with broad experience in the digital repository and online archive fields. DCE has been set up to help research institutions, museums and other organizations assess their digital repository and archive needs and implement flexible solutions to sustain their long term content needs.  In addition to Eddie and Matt, many DCE folks have been heavily involved in Hydra’s early development.

The DCE team focuses its efforts on Hydra and Fedora based solutions because it supports the community-based, open-source principles behind these technologies.  Further, because of their community focus, they employ a co-op business structure which is designed to mimic many of the best features of the Hydra community itself: collaboration, openness, and adaptability.

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