London School of Economics and Political Science

The spiral at the center of LSE’s library
Image (c) 2012 LSE

Digital Library

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is using the Hydra framework to power its new digital library site.

Initially, LSE is only using part of the Hydra technology stack (which speaks to the stack’s inherent flexibility).  They make extensive use of Active Fedora and Solrizer but don’t use Hydra’s Blacklight discovery layer (rather using a bespoke system of their own) or its editing capabilities.

As launched in late 2012, the content of the Digital Library is just a starting point.  There are plans to start dealing with their “digitisation backlog”, audio/video content and more born-digital materials in the relatively near future and to make the Digital Library interoperable with LSE’s existing EPrints repositories.

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