University of Cincinnati

Langsam Library

The University of Cincinnati has embarked on a project to build a next-generation digital repository that will capture, organize, and enable both discovery and preservation of the university’s intellectual output, university records, and research-significant library collections of unique materials.

The University of Cincinnati is collaborating with other Hydra partners in the development of the Curate Hydra Head, phase one of which was developed by the University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University and Data Curation Experts.

Xuemao Wang, dean and university librarian, said that, “UC’s membership in Hydra will place the university within a community of like-minded institutions where we can combine efforts, resources, and priorities to accomplish goals that no single institution could do alone. The strength and commitment of the Hydra community was a key factor in our decision to seek membership.”

More about the digital repository project, as well as other digital collections and projects at UC Libraries, is available online at:

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