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The Alderman Library at the University of Virginia

The Alderman Library at the University of Virginia

Libra – an open-access institutional repository

Libra is an implementation of the Hydra technology stack that provides an unmediated repository for scholarly output at the University of Virginia.

Users are presented with a unified interface through which existing works can be discovered via faceted search and through which new submissions can be made to the repository.  An authorized user submitting a new work chooses the category of the submission: Open Access (OA) work, Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD), or Dataset.

Open Access (OA) Works

Faculty and researchers may add an Article, Preprint, Conference Paper, Book Chapter, or an entire Book.  Each submission subtype prompts the submitter for required and optional metadata and for a document to upload with the submission.  The University’s Faculty Senate has passed a resolution encouraging its members to make their works openly available in the institutional repository.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs)

Students may submit their Fourth Year Thesis, Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation to Libra to satisfy their degree requirements – a well-received alternative to the laborious process of arranging for publication and distribution of printed hardbound copies.  Custom integration with the University’s Student Information System (SIS) allows Libra to present the proper ETD subtype to the student user based on login ID and register the submission with SIS to indicate the completion of that degree requirement.


University members may share their research data through the submission of a Dataset, which may include an arbitrary number of data files in whatever format the submitter chooses.  The submitter is prompted for metadata to describe the nature of the dataset included in the submission.  This feature is a recent addition to Libra and is expected to be a focus of future development.

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Status:  production


Principles of open access (approx 3 minutes)

Accessing content (approx 2 minutes)

Uploading ETDs (approx 5 minutes)

Uploading datasets (approx 4 minutes)