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Yale University Library has selected Hydra as its new digital repository solution. At that time Susan Gibbons, University Librarian, noted that “This decision was a major and critical step towards developing our digital infrastructure strategy.”

The library is concentrating its current digitization efforts for its Hydra repository on unique, non-English Language material. Much of this digitization is made possible by a grant from the Arcadia Foundation www.arcadiafund.org.uk, a charitable foundation established in 2001 which fund works that protect endangered treasures of culture and nature. The search front-end will be powered by Blacklight and will be available in Fall 2013. After that first phase of the project, the library will work closely with partners at Columbia and Stanford to implement an integrated catalog, article and digital repository search, also using Blacklight, available Spring 2014.

Yale is also working on rewriting their digital asset management platform, Ladybird, to be more compliant with Hydra. Currently this is the primary software used to ingest materials into our repository. Preliminary discussions have begun to include several Hydra partners into a collaboration to work with the software and potentially turn it into a Hydra head.

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Project URL’s

Ladybird: http://ladybird.library.yale.edu

Blacklight test site: http://findit.library.yale.edu/