Hydra Connect 2016 update

Hydra Connect 2016 takes place from Monday October 3rd to Thursday October 6th in Boston, MA.  Full details of the conference can be found in its wiki page.

Poster Show and Tell

Tuesday afternoon at HC2016 will largely be given over to an open session of posters and possibly demos where attendees will have ample chance to mingle, find out what others are doing with Hydra and ask detailed questions.  We ask that all institutions with staff attending HC2016 try to provide at least one poster about what they have done/are doing/plan to do with Hydra!  There is a list of institutions on this page in the wikiplease sign up if you haven’t already done so.  The page also has details of local printing arrangements, should you wish to take advantage of them.  For display, the local Organizing Committee will provide easels; they will also provide stiff backing for 24″ x 36″ posters.  If you decide to produce 36″ x 48″ posters you will need to have them printed on foam core or otherwise provide a rigid backing of your own.

Registration and hotels

Registration is going well and the Sheraton hotel, where we arranged a discount room rate, sold out the block.  They have now added a small number of double rooms but we have arranged an “overflow” at the Charlesmark Hotel across from the Boston Public Library.  If you haven’t yet booked for the conference and/or for accommodation now would be a very good time!  Booking details and full details of the conference program can be found on the Hydra Connect 2016 wiki page.

Lightning talks and workshop sessions

The Program Committee has left space on the Wednesday morning for up to 24 lightning talks of no more than five minutes each.  If you’d like to take one of these slots to share some ideas/concerns/rants/raves or whatever, get planning – we’ll publish a sign-up list next Friday.  At the same time, we’ll mail registered delegates with details of how to sign up for Monday’s workshop sessions.  This process will allow us to judge the take-up for each one and assign rooms accordingly; it will also allow workshop coordinators to know who will be attending and to send out any advance information that they wish to provide.

Unconference sessions

Thursday morning at Hydra Connect will be given over to unconference sessions and we’ll provide details of the process for proposing these on 9th September.


We hope to see you in just about five weeks!

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Hydra Connect 2016: Program details released!

The Program Committee for Hydra Connect 2016 are pleased to announce details of the presentations, panel and breakout sessions that have been arranged for this year’s conference.  You can find these via the Connect 2016 wiki page.  This year there are more timetabled sessions than ever before and participants will have some tough decisions to make about which ones to attend; we are hoping (though this is yet to be confirmed) that we will be able to make, and subsequently post, audio recordings of all the sessions so that you can listen to those that you couldn’t attend in person.

Hydra Connect this year runs from Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th October at the Boston Public Library (some Monday workshops are at nearby Northeastern University).  Booking is going well and if you haven’t yet registered now would be a good time to do so!  Full details of registration and the conference hotel are on the wiki – please note that the specially negotiated hotel rate is only available until September 6th which is also the deadline for reserving your highly sought after Hydra Connect 2016 t-shirt!  If you can only make it to one Hydra meeting in 2016/17, this is the one to attend! 

All institutions attending will be asked to provide a poster for Tuesday’s poster session; watch your email around August 26th for details about preparing and printing these. On September 2nd, or thereabouts., we’ll send out details about how to propose lightning talks.  We look forward to seeing you in six weeks (yes, just six weeks…)


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Hydra Connect 2016 Program news!

The Hydra Connect 2016 Program Committee thought that you might appreciate an update on how planning is going, so…

The list of workshops for Monday has been available on the wiki for some time now.  We shall shortly be asking delegates to indicate which sessions they hope to attend so that we can allocate appropriately sized rooms and so that convenors can send out any pre-workshop materials to them.

The conference proper will start on Tuesday with a plenary session, a mix of key presentations and lightning talks as at previous Connects.  On Tuesday afternoon we shall have the very popular poster session for which we ask a poster from every attending institution – please start planning!  As last year, we shall arrange for printing at a FedEx branch near the conference venue for those who prefer not to travel with a poster tube!  Details soon.

We received far more suggestions for Connect sessions than we have had in the past – in particular there were a lot of suggestions for panels and breakouts.  We’re pleased to report that by extending the “traditional” Wednesday morning parallel tracks into the afternoon we have managed to accommodate everyone’s requests.  We’ve timetabled presentations in 30-minute slots (a 20-minute presentation, 5 minutes or so for questions and a bit of time for possible movement between rooms).  Panel and breakout sessions have been timetabled in one hour slots (50-55 minutes plus movement time).  If you are involved in presenting or facilitating any of these sessions you should hear from us with confirmation at the end of next week when we have finished tweaking the timetable.  We have included a number of slots for lightning talks and we’ll start soliciting these at the end of the month.  We anticipate having the Tuesday and Wednesday programs on the wiki in ten days’ time or so and you’ll find there is so much to choose from that, inevitably, you will have to make some hard choices about which sessions to attend.  We are hoping (though this is yet to be confirmed) that we may be able to make, and subsequently post, audio recordings of all the sessions so that you can listen to those that you couldn’t attend once you return home.

Thursday morning has been given over to unconference sessions and we hope to make “Sessionizer” available to delegates in about three weeks’ time so that you can start requesting slots.  Thursday afternoon is available for Interest Groups and Working Groups to have face-time.  We shall make any spare room capacity on Thursday available for booking to allow ad-hoc gatherings, Birds of a Feather sessions, and the like.

Booking is beginning to fill up and if you haven’t yet registered now would be a good time to do so!  Full details of registration and the conference hotel are on the wiki. Please note that the specially negotiated hotel rate is only valid until September 6th and you must register by that same date to receive a Hydra t-shirt!

If you can only make it to one Hydra meeting in 2016/17, this is the one to attend! 

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Sufia 7.0.0 released

From Mike Giarlo:  Sufia 7.0.0 has been released after 4 beta releases and 2 release candidates. In addition to the words I wrote below, I’d also highlight the amount of work that has gone into getting from a first beta release to 7.0.0 proper: since beta1 was released on June 3rd, 11 contributors have made 307 commits touching 417 files.

The 7.0.0 release does not include upgrade/migration docs or tools but rather is focused on greenfield adopters. In the meantime, developers at Penn State, Alberta, and the Chemical Heritage Foundation are actively working on migrations, so those of you running Sufia 6.x who are eager to upgrade to 7.x… stay tuned!

The top priority for the next release will be exposing in the UI the ability to create arbitrarily nested works, and I’m happy to share that that feature is nearly ready thanks to the dedicated team at Oregon State University.

Thanks again, everyone, for all you’ve done to make this release what it is!

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WUSTL becomes a Hydra Partner

We are excited to announce Washington University of St Louis (WUSTL) as a Hydra Partner!

At HydraConnect 2015, Andrew Rouner and Chris Freeland expressed interest in getting more deeply involved in Hydra and moving toward partnership. That fall, WUSTL partnered with DCE and went into production with their “Goldenseal” repository (http://repository.wustl.edu) in February, followed quickly by their production instance of Avalon (http://streamingvideo.wustl.edu) in March. Andrew shared “These launch efforts concluded with a Hydra “Stop and Learn” event we held May 13th, aimed primarily at WU personnel but extending to colleagues from various cultural organizations regionally.  The event featured sessions on an overview of Hydra, a closer look at the technology stack, a review of the Hydra community development model, and a poster session (a la HydraConnect) on subjects we currently are now or are hoping to explore with Hydra.”  Additionally they have become involved in Hydra interest and working groups.

This represents not only major development efforts and engagement within the Hydra Community but also acting as strong advocates among regional cultural organizations. Join us in welcoming Washington University of St Louis and see everyone at Hydra Connect 2016!

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Workshop Program released for Hydra Connect 2016

The Hydra Connect 2016 Program Committee is pleased to announce that the timetable for the Workshop day on Monday 3rd October is now available.  This year, in addition to workshops, we are also providing a half-day of optional “orientation sessions” aimed specifically at new or nearly-new members of the Community.  Workshop convenors have provided a synopsis for each session and these should help you choose between them.  Nearer the time, we shall ask those who have registered for Connect to specify which workshops they plan to attend so that we can allocate sessions to appropriately sized rooms.  Further details of the conference program will be available soon.

Speaking of “registered” – have you registered for Hydra Connect 2016 yet?  This year it’s taking place at the Boston Public Library (with some workshops at Northeastern University) from Monday 3rd October to Thursday 6th October 2016.  Tickets for the four-day event are $135 and we have arranged a preferential hotel rate at the nearby Sheraton.  Information about the conference, booking, workshops etc can be found via the Hydra Connect 2016 wiki page at https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/hydra/Hydra+Connect+2016.  We are delighted, thanks to the assistance our Hydra Community, to provide selected materials in Spanish this year!

We will be asking each institution sending delegates to the conference to provide a poster for the Tuesday afternoon Poster Session. We’ll have plenty of lightning talks and breakout sessions as well. Start thinking of your great ideas now!   You’ll be hearing from us on these topics soon.

If you can only make it to one Hydra meeting in 2016/17, this is the one to attend!  You know what they say, “book early to avoid disappointment!”

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Lafayette College becomes Hydra’s 100000th Partner

We are delighted to announce that Lafayette College has become Hydra’s 100000th formal Partner.  But only if you count in binary – otherwise, they’re our 32nd!

Although Lafayette is a “small liberal arts school” (their words), they have been involved with digital repository development for almost a decade and with Fedora since 2013.  They write: “We have now spent over two years working with Hydra, getting to know the community and learning the Hydra way.  We are firmly committed to this trajectory and wish now to become more involved, both technically and through project governance.  We believe that a strengthened commitment would be of mutual benefit and, moreover, would serve as a compelling example for other liberal arts colleges that we are seeking to interest in shared Open Source development.”

Welcome Lafayette!  We look forward to working with you.

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Booking for Hydra Connect 2016 is open

We are pleased to announce that booking for Hydra Connect 2016 is now open.  Booking details, along with information on the conference hotel and the preferential rate we have arranged there, can be found at the Hydra Connect 2016 wiki page.

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Hydra Virtual Connect 2016

What is Hydra Virtual Connect?

Hydra Virtual Connect (HVC) is an opportunity for Hydra Project participants to gather online to touch base on the progress of community efforts at a roughly halfway point between face-to-face Hydra Connect meetings. Hydra is a growing, active community with many initiatives taking place across interest groups, working groups, local and collaborative development projects, and other efforts, and it can be difficult for community members to keep up with all of this activity on a regular basis. HVC will give the Hydra community a chance to come together to catch up on developments, make new connections, and re-energize itself towards Hydra Connect 2016 in Boston in October.

Suggestions for an event such as this have come from a number of members of the Hydra community, and the idea was further discussed and refined at the Hydra Power Steering meeting in March 2016.

When will Hydra Virtual Connect take place?

Hydra Virtual Connect 2016 will take place on Thursday, July 7 from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT / 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT / 16:00-19:00 BST / 15:00-18:00 UTC.  Reserve the time slot!!!

Further details

Further details can be found on the HVC wiki page here.

Booking details for the face-to-face Hydra Connect in Boston this October will be announced shortly.

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OR2017 will be in Brisbane

Likely of interest to many Hydranauts:

The Open Repositories (OR) Steering Committee in conjunction with the University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Griffith University are delighted to inform you that Brisbane will host the annual Open Repositories 2017 Conference.

The University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Griffith University welcomed today’s announcement that Brisbane will host the International Open Repositories Conference 26-30 June 2017 at the Hilton Brisbane.

The annual Open Repositories Conference brings together users and developers of open digital repository platforms from higher education, government, galleries, libraries, archives and museums. The Conference provides an interactive forum for delegates from around the world to come together and explore the global challenges and opportunities facing libraries and the broader scholarly information landscape.

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