Getting started (developers)

How does someone get started using Hydra and its components?

Hydra provides a set of building blocks with which you can structure a tailored repository solution to meet your needs.  We do not provide an “out-of-the-box” solution.  To create a fully operational, production-stable implementation to deal specifically with your own, local needs you will need to write quite a bit of code.  More than one institution has started by taking the code implemented elsewhere and using that as a basis for development.

All this will go smoothly if you have some background in the Fedora repository software and the way it operates. More important is a familiarity with Ruby and Ruby on Rails as the Hydra gems shield you from some operational aspects of Fedora.  Not that familiar with them?  Well, perhaps attendance at a Hydra Camp would be a very good way to jump start your work.

There is much more detailed information about skillsets, and ways to acquire them, on our wiki’s pages for developers.