University of California, Santa Barbara

UCSB, one of ten campuses in the University of California system, is a public research university located on the beautiful central California coast. The UCSB Library has been working with Hydra since 2013, successfully launching the initial version of the Alexandria Digital Research Library (ADRL) in 2014. ADRL is a locally-developed digital library application built using the Hydra technical framework, with a public-facing discovery layer designed to accommodate the widest possible spectrum of data and formats. It provides a sustainable, extensible platform for the management of digital information and is home for UCSB Library’s unique collections of digital research materials. This ongoing initiative builds on the expertise that UCSB developed in the 1990s with the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL), an online repository for geospatial information.

The mission of the UCSB Library is to “enable exploration and collaboration for scholars in their intellectual engagement with the world of ideas and the creation of knowledge.” The development of ADRL, facilitated by our collaboration with the Hydra Project, helps to fulfill that mission by providing UCSB scholars, the people of California, and the global community, with an accessible platform for exploring digital collections that inspire and support their intellectual and creative endeavors. The Hydra Project and community are aligned with many of UCSB Library’s values–namely collaboration, diversity, integrity, and innovation.

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